Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ket logo

This is the logo I made for my design team.

My 1st idea is that I would create a logo that make people look at it and remember it with a "unique feeling".

"Ke" is my nickname and "T" is my friend's nickname. We work together and I want to have 2 nicknames in our logo. Besides, my second idea is about cat. "KeT" is pronounced similarly like cat, which is suitable to both of my thinking.

I draw the letter "T" as a tree, with its shape like the tree is protecting "ke" and laughing happily. We can see as the two of them are dancing.

Also, the letter "e" is adding an eye and a "crown" on its head( like a queen^^).

Eyes are my favourite and main important parts. They affect people strongly.

Honestly, I feel satisfied of my logo^^ I made a plenty of them and this is the latest archive.

If you think changing something in it will make the logo look better, feel free to tell me^^


Red Cheese said...

This logo is very creative. I like the style and funny cunning eye. I think our team will stick with it for a long time :D. Nice work.

Dim Sum said...

Who is your audience for this logo? If it is just for kids, I would say maybe. If it is meant for adults, then it would be definitely 'No'.

It is quite a childish design and would not make any sense to anyone else except for you and your friend. What is going on with the bottom of the tree? Why is it so wide? It looks as it the tree is trying to "eat" Ke. instead of "dance" with Ke. In short, this logo is not professional enough.

What do the other versions look like?

Ket said...

I admit that the cute style affects me deeply. My target is creating and designing for children, so I put a funny style everywhere.

I will fix this weak point.

The another version was round shape and not special much, so I deleted it and chose this one instead.

Thanks for giving me advices.