Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tam Sanh panel

In my previous break-time, one of my acquaintances asked me to do a panel for his company.

My friend, Truong, and I did together to finish this work.

This panel's size is 2x3m, consequently, the size and resolution were a small trouble for our computers. Besides, our customer gave us just 3 hours to create it. So, at that time, we almost got mad, especially when our heads had no idea.

Our customer required the information of his company and send us 3 original pictures ( I upload in the source part for you guys :D). In addition, after asking us to think a slogan, he said that we had to use his company's slogan that the director had just been thought.T_T.

The content was about lathe machine. Then, after a long time finding images to suit to our ideas, we agreed to use two gears combine with all the machines' pictures. The top-right and the middle pictures in the panel were most important parts of the lathe machine. We created layer masks to make all pictures look natural. In addition, we worked so hard to clean all images and cut it.

One more information is that at the right-bottom, we added our logo's team.
I know that this panel still has some mistakes. However, "It's not as good as I want, but with that amount of time, it's ok", I though so.

I also upload all addresses where I picked images( I did check the creative common+ non-commercial boxes when I searched~~:P)

Have a look and give me a comment ^^. Thanks.




Dim Sum said...
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Dim Sum said...

Considering that you had only a few hours to make the poster, its not that bad.

Did your client even make those machines? It would be a bit weird to be putting their logo on products that they don't manufacture...

Ket said...

My client gave me two picture I posted above and he said that his company manufactured it.

I came in his company in the festival and see one of them. He said the another was in the workshop.

Thanks for supporting me.