Sunday, December 28, 2008

Walking on trashbin

My protecting environment poster expresses the idea about a future when we just can walk on garbage cans, which are replacing our ways/roads already for "some reasons".

I try to make a walking figure and join it to the font but it looks really weird+______+ I will try another version when I have more time :D


Friday, December 26, 2008

Face the core

Another poster for environment^^

The unique image is a strawberry. The outlook of this strawberry is not only delicious but also attractive. However, the core of it is just "trash" or "garbage". In addition, the garbage core seems to continue to expand to the whole strawberry.

Some people just see the advantages of development and can not see its consequence.My message is that: "There are more and more garbage in our world, also, they affect your life already. Let's face and deal with it".

Texts' order, colors and their background are arranged in purpose.

When people read from top to bottom, all the texts relate to each others and make sense. However, even if people separate the middle texts and read just the rest, they still have their own meaning.

The middle text has different background from others as a highlight effect. Also, the most important word, "core" has a red color for being noticed.


Supplementary entry

I try to update/fix my right images in the previous entry, however, it appears this sentence.

[Tag is not allowed: meta equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"]

No matter what I change, the sentence still shows up. Then, I have to create this new one.

This entry is a supplementary entry for the entry "Death by Appointment"

My problem is that I forgot to change images to RGB mode.

Here are my right images.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Death by Appointment

These images are my design for Death by Appointment book covers.

My idea is using a timetable page to lead viewers pay attention to the title.

My 1st draft contains the "unaccomplished" word for the meaning of cannot finish the work in the timetable because of some " mysteries" and people will try to figure them out.

My finish cover has a red letter in the middle of the page for getting attention. People can see this letter as the "appointment". the note in the page is grey and covered by blood, which has same meaning as "unaccomplished".

The bookmark is created which has a pen and some documents at the top for the connection to the timetable note.

And even though I try so hard to upload the right color images, there's some problems with them.+_______+. Every time, all images just turn the color into a disaster no matter what resolution I change .

I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Forest fire

Here is my forest protecting poster XD. My idea suddenly came out when I looked at leaves in my garden. By comparing two opposite images in a humorous ways, I believe the poster will be paid attention and stay in people's mind more then other images.

Also, I give a statistic a bout forest fire for people to know the purpose of this poster.

All images are taken by me :D

Friday, December 12, 2008

Violence in family poster

In my poster, the unique image is a broken puppet which covered by many cracks.

The doll, representing for wife, not only is soulless but also carries on many "wounds". In fact, when a husband uses violence on his wife, he does not have his half to share feeling anymore, just a doll that takes all his meaningless actions.

Also, soullessness and cracks on her body showing a sorrow feeling not only on body but also on feeling.

Background is black, contrasts texts in an effective way. Distorted and broken typeface is applied for being suitable to the whole poster's meaning and style.

In addition, these text have different sizes and arranged in order to emphasize each important meaning.

I think I work well in this poster^^ Hope to receive your comments :D.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

My flash :")

This is the flash I made for motion typography.

Firstly, "All right" appears with the red exclamation point for showing a strong emphasize. After that, "who" which pushes the "All right" away in order to presenting the speed of the saying.

"DID" and "IT" are punned. Also, its meaning is "it" comes inside from "DID".

The next sentence is arranged for pointing out the "not" word. Then, the following saying is arranged like coming upstairs, a way to expressing the voice and speaker's feeling.

Finally, I upturn "PUNISH" to make it hit "them"- as the definition of "punish", and finish the sentence.

Lowercase and uppercase in this flash are considered based on their importances.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Here is my assignment 2.

There are ten pictures used in my work. The main subject is hesitation.

A dry land with many cracks is chosen to be the background for the collage. It represents a broken tired, like “dried” feeling.

The main character is the face of a man- a husband, at the top- left side. Everything in the whole picture is his “hesitated” thinking. Also, just half of his face is shown and others sink in his dark feeling.

A part of a woman’s back picture is on a frame which is put at the corner. The glass frame is cracked while the woman has no color. These mean that in the husband’s heart, his wife’s existence is not precious anymore. Crack glass covering the wife picture for a deep thought wounds.

In the right hand side of the image, there is a dead-dried tree expressing the situation of the main character’s family. In addition, a crying girl is on a branch of the tree. In fact, the most colorful figure in the whole picture is this girl-who is the daughter of the man. It is understood that the girl is the only thing making his life livelier and also the only one thing stop him going away.

The man understands his daughter’s feeling, that’s why inside his mind, she is crying lonely, leads him to a hesitated situation.

The girl represents for the only leaf of the tree.

In the middle of the picture, wedding rings with just black and white combined with a waking-away figure in order to describe a leaving thought. Marriage now is just a burden.

Even though this thought is really strong- explains why it is arranged in the middle, the most colorful part is still his daughter. All results a wrestle in his mind.

Basing on these factors, the college is created.