Saturday, December 6, 2008


Here is my assignment 2.

There are ten pictures used in my work. The main subject is hesitation.

A dry land with many cracks is chosen to be the background for the collage. It represents a broken tired, like “dried” feeling.

The main character is the face of a man- a husband, at the top- left side. Everything in the whole picture is his “hesitated” thinking. Also, just half of his face is shown and others sink in his dark feeling.

A part of a woman’s back picture is on a frame which is put at the corner. The glass frame is cracked while the woman has no color. These mean that in the husband’s heart, his wife’s existence is not precious anymore. Crack glass covering the wife picture for a deep thought wounds.

In the right hand side of the image, there is a dead-dried tree expressing the situation of the main character’s family. In addition, a crying girl is on a branch of the tree. In fact, the most colorful figure in the whole picture is this girl-who is the daughter of the man. It is understood that the girl is the only thing making his life livelier and also the only one thing stop him going away.

The man understands his daughter’s feeling, that’s why inside his mind, she is crying lonely, leads him to a hesitated situation.

The girl represents for the only leaf of the tree.

In the middle of the picture, wedding rings with just black and white combined with a waking-away figure in order to describe a leaving thought. Marriage now is just a burden.

Even though this thought is really strong- explains why it is arranged in the middle, the most colorful part is still his daughter. All results a wrestle in his mind.

Basing on these factors, the college is created.

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