Friday, December 26, 2008

Face the core

Another poster for environment^^

The unique image is a strawberry. The outlook of this strawberry is not only delicious but also attractive. However, the core of it is just "trash" or "garbage". In addition, the garbage core seems to continue to expand to the whole strawberry.

Some people just see the advantages of development and can not see its consequence.My message is that: "There are more and more garbage in our world, also, they affect your life already. Let's face and deal with it".

Texts' order, colors and their background are arranged in purpose.

When people read from top to bottom, all the texts relate to each others and make sense. However, even if people separate the middle texts and read just the rest, they still have their own meaning.

The middle text has different background from others as a highlight effect. Also, the most important word, "core" has a red color for being noticed.


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