Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Sun and Moon

My style is cute style. Frankly, I'm affected so much by chibi style of Japan.

I love to make thing that can make the readers laugh and feel relax. So I often choose humorous ideas to do rather than others^^

So here are my 2 versions "Sun and Moon"

This is my 1st version. The background is bright pink andthe sun lights are red for expressing that this scene happens during day. The content is very clear when you see my sun and moon' feelings.

And this is my 2nd version. The background is changed into little-dark blue. Moon is winning in night :D. I turn the color of the sun into light-orange for making a decrease of sunlights' strength. Also, eyes and feeling expression of my 2 objects are added for more interesting.

~~ Besides, thank you to Kohaku^^ She showed me a friend's picture about funny expression^^ My sun's is made based on it :P

~~ XD happy time ^^ yay^^ Feel free to give me comment^O^


Kohaku said...

Seems like I know where that >"< face comes from ^^ Nice design, so cute and funny. But I thought that we can use only 4 colors, is it?

Red Cheese said...

Nice theme. I like the cute characters in your design. The color is bright and suitable. :D

Keke the gao gao said...


Thanks u em iu XD

Ack, I dont know about the color '_'

I opne the slide on BB and it's just about the color of sun and moon ;_______;

@red chesse


Dim Sum said...

These two designs really did not fit the brief.

Although the style is "cute", you'll need to learn how to NOT make everything cute.

It only works for certain audience groups.

Ket said...

When I thought about the idea, I just thought about something cute, funny that could make everybody laugh when they look at it. In my thinking, I thought it was fine for the brief. However, after reading your comment and the brief again, I realize I overused my favorite.

I will try another style and think deeper, not just based on what I like. Thanks.