Sunday, November 2, 2008

My layout

This layout is made based on the Closure and Proximity concepts of Gestalt.

In my layout, "white" is the color for emphasizing and helping people to pay attention to
important parts.

White lines run around the content and emphasize the "Plants" title in its own way. Also, these lines remind readers the rectangular shape and make them focus not only on the picture but also on the content.

Pictures are arranged over each other- overlap- for making more interesting and impressive.

The quote is "inside and on" another picture of flower for helping people know the key sentence of the article.

Background is one of flowers pictures which is picked carefully for the suitable color and meaning.

^^Hope you guys like this^^


Red Cheese said...

I like the background and how you position the texts. The white lines on the edges are nice touch. However, it seems a bit gloomy with the grayish color.

Dim Sum said...

The background image is good. It works well because you've used similar colors, mostly white. I especially like the lower right corner, where you can see the detailed dandelion. It provides a nice contrast to the more muted areas.

The justified columns of text are a bit distracting since the spacing between words is no longer uniformed. It would look better left-aligned.

I liked how you used "orange" as a highlighting color to focus on the pull-quote.

The design of the title at the top though does not work for me. The two fonts used are too similar. It does not provide enough contrast. Also the text does not align with any of the elements below it so feels a bit off-balanced.

Good start, but need a bit more work.