Sunday, November 16, 2008

Halloween wallpaper

31/10 is Halloween day, which is the time when children wear monster or ghost costume and go around houses in their home town to ask for candy^^ This is also the day when ghost and witch flying everywhere and scare people.

Basing on this idea, I create a theme consisting moon, witch, gift and night. These factors are combined together for making a not only cute but also pretty wallpaper.

The background is made by using PS and the rest are by Illustrator.

In the middle of the moon is my little cute witch who is in extra happy mood for his archive in 31/10^^

The whole wallpaper just have two colors: black and white for making an impressive and a contrast among night, moon and pine trees.


Dim Sum said...

It is definitely a cute poster, but feels more like Christmas than Halloween. Generally Halloween carries a scarier, more frightening connotation. This is just too happy for Halloween.

Ket said...

Honestly, in the middle of my work, I felt it Christmas, too. However, I loved the idea about the little witch, so I decided to continue my idea.

Maybe I will try a scary Halloween wallpaper later^^.