Sunday, November 30, 2008

An outstanding artificiality

Tonight I become an amateur photographer:")

This scene is taken in my house's corridor.

In this picture, I want to express an idea about nature and artificiality.

Everything in this picture is just made by human except plants. Two lights above can be considered as artificial suns of two cactus pots.

Also, I want to show how nature is surrounded by human and artificiality. That's why I take the picture from the ground( from the bottom) to represent that the wall is great, the light from the lamp is so shining while plants are small and blur.

In addition, I want a balance to smooth the view and make the picture look like "yeah, a normal picture", unless viewers start to think about the cactus' status in the picture.

The contrast and colors in this picture are also deeper : lights and darkness for the outstanding and its opposite.

I hope you guy like it^^

I took many pictures and choose the best. Some of I my trials are below here :

1 comment:

Red Cheese said...

Wow, so this is your house. It looks so tidy and clean. When i first look at the picture, i got a feeling of metal structure, building and the crowded. The pillar looks just like some sky-scrapper in our city. It looks dry and cold and empty.
Anyways, well done with your work :D